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nonselective herbicide

The answer to your weed control problem is the highly effective BareGround Ultra nonselective herbicide with extended residual activity.

One quick, easy application of granulated BareGround Ultra provides season-long residual control of unwanted vegetation. 

Unsurpassed BareGround Vegetation Control!

nonselective herbicide

BareGround Ultra @ 1.00 lb/100 sq.ft.
5 months after application

BareGround Ultra® is a registered

trademark of Pro-Serve, Inc. 


Pramitol® 5PS @ .92 lbs/100 sq. ft.
5 months after application
Pramitol® is a registered trademark of Makhteshim-Agan

borderline effective

Sahara® DG @ 19 lbs/acres
5 months after application
Sahara® is a registered trademark


BareGround Ultra is a unique combination of both Sodium Chlorate and Sodium Metaborate with Bromacil. This potent 3-way combination provides a fast burndown of existing vegetation plus season-long (up to one year) residual control of both shallow and deep rooted annuals, perennials and wood plants. BareGround Ultra with its three active ingredients is one of the most dependable vegetation control herbicides available.

CAUTION: BareGround Ultra can move in the soil, so it should be applied carefully. Do not use BareGround Ultra near desirable plants or where it could leach into water. When using BareGround Ultra, pay special attention to any local restrictions regarding the use of Bromacil-containing products.

Available in 25 lb. heavy duty buckets

IMPORTANT - Always read and follow label instructions. For more information call us toll free at: 1-877-776-7375

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