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BareSpot Ureabor provides fast knockdown of existing vegetation and leaves a residual barrier to keep weed growth down during the growing season. It may be used year round, but best results are obtained when applied immediately prior to emergence or when weeds are young and succulent.

Ureabor is a highly effective nonselective herbicide useful in areas with a long growing season and soils high in organic matter. It is also well suited for controlling annuals and deep-rooted, hard-to-kill perennials.

Weeds to be killed with BareSpot herbicide

Poke Weed

Kill weeds with BareSpot

Virginia Creeper

Invasive weed control with BareSpot


BareSpot as a valuable tool in your IVM strategy

Poison Ivy

CAUTION: Ureabor can move in the soil, so it should be applied carefully. Do not use Ureabor near desirable plants or where it could leach into water. When using Ureabor, pay special attention to any local restrictions regarding the use of Bromacil-containing products.

Available in 50 lb. heavy duty industrial plastic bags.

IMPORTANT - Always read and follow label instructions. For more information call us toll free at: 1-877-776-7375

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