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As a Longleaf tree farmer, I have been very pleased with the results from using PRONONE Power Pellets for the past ten years. It has provided effective control of undesirable hardwoods and bushes. I also like the selective targeted approach of pellets versus sprays or hack and squirt.  

I feel safer using solid pellets instead of liquid chemicals.”

Reese Jordan Thompson, Vidalia GA

Single Application Non Selective Granular Herbicides that Provide Season Long Control. No Spraying, No Hassle, Only Results.

Red Cedar killed with Pronone Power Pellets

Red Cedar Controlled with Pronone® Power Pellets

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Integrated Vegetation Management is crucial in many sensitive areas and can minimize risk to workers and the environment. Let us help you with your next IVM plan with our wide range of non selective, granular, dry-appplied herbicides.

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