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Before You're Overgrown With Weeds, Let BareSpot® And BareGround Ultra Take Over

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Controlling weeds can be a complex problem. Hand labor, using mechanical devices, costs a lot of time and money and provides only temporary relief. And the use of inferior weed control products often produces similar results. Also, liquid spray herbicides can drift from the area of application and damage or kill desirable plants in adjoining areas.

Not only are weeds costly to eliminate by hand, they can be even more expensive if ignored. They cause economic damage through accidents and increased loss of tools. Weeds also produce acids that decay wood and corrode expensive metal products such as fences, buildings, pipes and storage tanks. Furthermore, weeds are a potential fire hazard, and they mar the appearance of your property.

The simple solution to your weed control problem is 
BareSpot® or BareGround Ultra nonselective, residual herbicides.
weed control problem is 

Meet All of Your Application Needs

Pro-Serve's pelleted, nonselective, residual herbicides give you easy, effective and unsurpassed control of unwanted vegetation in most situations. Monobor-Chlorate, Weed & Grass , Ureabor and BareGround Ultra - and are especially suited for use around or near the following:

  • Telephone cell towers

  • Parking areas

  • Cemeteries

  • Fence lines

  • Storage yards

  • Oil and gas pipelines

  • Utility poles and substations

  • Storage & equipment yards 

  • Around fuel tanks

  • Under bleachers

  • Outbuildings

  • Lumber yards

  • Sign posts

  • Railroad sidings

  • Oil refineries

  • Airports

  • Waste lagoons

  • Helo-pads

  • Vacant lots 

  • Fence lines

  • Sidewalks & walkways

  • Gravel driveways

  • Asphalt and gravel driveways

  • Under asphalt 

Easy to Apply

One quick, easy application of BareSpot® or BareGround Ultra provides season-long residual control of unwanted weeds and grasses. The pellets will readily dissolve, even a light morning dew will hasten solubility and the movement into the soil. A light rainfall or sprinkling is required to move the material into the root zone. Once in the root zone, the active ingredients are absorbed by the plant, causing it to turn brown. Root pruning also takes place. Smaller, succulent weeds are affected first; larger plants will yellow and turn brown at the tips as growth stops. Within days, the foliage and root systems of weeds and grasses die. A residual barrier remains active in the upper soil to control later-germinating seedlings.  CAUTION: Do not apply near root zones of desirable plants. Always read and follow label directions.

All four products contain Sodium Chlorate and Sodium Metaborate which provides fast kill of many weeds plus residual weed control activity. The Diuron in Weed & Grass and the Bromacil in Ureabor and BareGround Ultra imparts added residual weed control activity.

Sodium Chlorate  Provides fast burndown of existing vegetation. It is a white, crystalline salt that looks like common table salt (Sodium Chloride) but, weight for weight, is 30-50 times more toxic to plants than table salt.


Sodium Metaborate  Provides residual vegetation control activity. A white, crystalline salt, it is toxic to soil microorganisms which break down most other organic herbicides, thus quickly reducing their effectiveness.

Diuron  Broad spectrum, pre-emergent herbicide, low in solubility and remains in the top 1-2 inches of soil to control annual grasses and weeds.

Bromacil Extremely effective broad spectrum, non-selective herbicide. Moderate solubility allows it to move down in the soil to effectively control deep root perennial and woody weeds.

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